The suspension of your vehicle is made up of several components: the tires, the tire air, the shock absorbers, and the springs. This system is attached to your wheels and sets your car in motion. A well-functioning suspension allows for a smooth and enjoyable driving experience. When your suspension system is out of whack, you'll know it.

The team of diesel mechanics at Off Road Diesel specializes in the repair and maintenance of diesel vehicles of all makes and models. We can accurately diagnose the underlying cause of your suspension issue and come up with a comprehensive solutio--quickly.

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Understanding Suspension Issues

Diesel vehicles are typically a bit louder and shakier than gasoline-powered vehicles. This is because diesel vehicles use their own combustion to ignite the engine, whereas gas vehicles use an electrical spark. Although diesel vehicles experience a certain degree of shake, they should not be uncomfortable to operate, and if they are, there are a number of issues that could be at play.

Symptoms of Suspension Malfunction

  • If the car is pulling from one side to the other
  • If one corner of the car is sitting lower than the rest
  • If you feel every bump while you drive
  • If you have uneven wear on your tires
  • If the nose of the car is leaning back or if the back is dipping
  • If you have persisting difficulty steering

Superior Suspension Services

When you get in touch with us about suspension repair, we will book you in for a consultation right away. On consultation day, we will discuss the problems you have been facing and take a look at how your vehicle drives.

There are several components of your suspension system that could be causing your vehicle some difficulty. The most common suspension repair items include, but aren't limited to:

  • Sway bar
  • Tie rods
  • Ball joints
  • The control arm
  • Stabilizer link
  • Shock absorbers
  • Struts

No matter the problem at hand, you can rest assured that our team will come up with a comprehensive solution.

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At Off Road Diesel, we are committed to providing our customers with superior suspension auto repair services at competitive rates. We will be more than happy to provide you with a detailed and accurate estimate of the total cost of the repair service before we get to work.

Providing our valued clients with transparent pricing is one of the ways we work to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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The suspension on your vehicle ensures that your drive is smooth and enjoyable. Suspension issues left unattended will only worsen as time goes on. If you suspect problems with the suspension on your diesel vehicle, our specialists are more than happy to provide you with the reliable repair and maintenance services you require.

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